The collectibles funds increase their value by 24 percent through October this year

- "Shaky stock markets contribute strongly to the high interest in the collector market. The fund for collectors' items shows very strong growth of over 28 percent in 2018 and a growth of 24 percent in the first ten months of 2019. The trend indicates that current year’s growth in funds achievement would be higher than 2018 growth of 28 percent. We plan to invest more into the fund in coming months" said Numisbing founder and chairman, Ramkumar Sarangapani.

Development of the “Collectibles Fund” NAV until the end of October 2019.

CLASS 'A' NAV has developed to $ 159.3366 (compared to September + 2.07%

During the year, Class A increased by + 24.14 percent.

CLASS 'B' NAV has developed to $ 157.9436 (compared to September + 2.01%

During the year, Class B increased by + 23.61 per cent.

CLASS 'C' NAV has developed to $ 155.9497(compared to September + 1.94%

During the year, Class C increased by + 22.62 per cent.

The total investment from NUMISBING GROUP in the fund is $ 2.50 million ($ 2 million from NUMISBING AB & $ 500K from Numisbing Ltd).

Attached is the up-to-date information regarding NUMISBING AB &NUMISBING LTD, including the accounting summary for collective assets received from the fund manager.

It should also be noted that Numisbing Limited, which is the subsidiary of Numisbing AB (publ), acts as an investment adviser to the fund.

The investment market

The interest in investing in historical coins has increased in recent years, and the international stock market's investors are looking for more diversified investment portfolios. As concerns in the global stock markets, investors are looking for more value-prone investment items and thus the pricing of these items is increasing, which is mainly historical coins.

About Collectibles Fund:

The Collectibles Fund Segregated Portfolio, which is managed by Cabaritta Funds SPC, is a closed fund that has been in the Cayman Islands since 2017. The fund's goals are to value and estimate assets within its collection area and invest primarily in collectors' items and artworks, with a focus on a historic annual return of over 20 percent. In 2018, the fund had growth of 28 percent. The fund currently has six different asset classes with separate portfolios based on different types of investments.

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