Numisbing AB expands board of directors, appoints new CEO ahead of stock exchange listing

“A skilled board of directors is now in place and all that remains is for Numisbing to get listed so we can get started on a number of interesting projects with the capital we have raised through issuing and the agreement with GEM Yield,” said Numisbing founder and executive chairman Ramkumar Sarangapani

Lars Wolf previously held the position of Senior Consultant at SwedExport, focusing on business development of exports and internationalization. This involved investing into specific markets but also maintaining and replacing incumbent business channels. He has also acted as a business coach and mentor within different clusters of innovation.

Based in Stockholm, Lars is a certified board member (Corporate Governance and CSR) who’s very active in StyrelseAkademien, a non-profit association seeking to strengthen other companies’ performance by professionalising board work.

Robert Hasslund is a chartered accountant and partner at auditing agency RSM Stockholm.

The following people make up the board of directors:

  • Ramkumar Sarangapani, founder and executive chairman, born 1979

Over the last 15 years, Ramkumar has successfully managed the financial departments of a diverse range of companies. As a professional numismatist and currency collector in the last few decades, he founded Numisbing Limited 2012 and remains executive chairman at the company.

Ramkumar holds membership in over 25 numismatic societies around the world and is acting president at the Dubai Chapter of the International Bank Note Society (IBNS). He has conducted extensive research within numismatics, publishing several research articles in leading numismatic outlets and winning several awards for his contributions to this field. He currently holds five Guinness World Records and is eager to break more in the future. He is based in Dubai.


  • Anthony Godinho, board member, born 1976

Anthony is an expert in numismatics, having collected currency items over the last 20 years. Godinho obtained a Portuguese national and business degree, and currently manages the marketing department of a leading IT group. He has dealt directly with sales and marketing on behalf of Numisbing since 2012. He has also served as a member of several numismatic groups and currently operates as a treasurer at the International Bank Note Society. He is based in Dubai.

  • Scott Millar, board member, born 1979

Scott is currently heading towards to build the company BlockSettle and is highly experienced within IT as well as Blockchain technologies. Much of this experience derives from engaging directly with board work and establishing new companies from the ground up. The financial technologies sector is one of the most complicated to get to grips with, largely because of how it combines the complexities of the financial market with the innovation spurred by technological advancements. To develop an understanding of how to handle business development in this evolving landscape is a challenge Scott embraces wholeheartedly.

Scott is based in southern Sweden, where he also attained a civil engineering degree in industrial economics at Lund University.

  • Agneta Berliner, board member, born 1958

Agneta has recently finished her tenure as CEO at ABB Industrigymnasier. She holds a wealth of experience in developing knowledge organisations led by expert colleagues and collaborators. Agneta has focussed on companies specialising within change and growth. The experience she brings stems from her many roles as a board member, chairperson, acting director, operating manager, and external consultant. Over the years, she has also grown an impressive network of international contacts.

Previously, Agneta managed Handelskammaren in Västerås. She also has extensive experience from her time as CEO and project manager on a number of advertisement and marketing firms. Agneta is based in southern Sweden, where she studied law at Lund University.

The share offering brought in 19 590 933 SEK before usual issue costs, and the agreement with GEM Yield opens up new opportunities for investment within Numisbing through share purchases of 150 million SEK.

Growth within Numisbing

The company is growing rapidly, having nearly doubled its turnover from SEK 19 million in 2017 to SEK 37 million in 2018. The forecast for further growth in 2019 continues to look extremely promising and the firm’s management hopes to double its sales this year. Numisbing’s large fund holdings in the Cayman Islands are integral to further growing the company’s value.

As it prepares for its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Nasdaq in Stockholm, Numisbing will undergo pre-listing testing with Certified Advisor in Sweden. No new shares will be issued in relation to the listing.

Few listed companies specialize mainly in rare and antique coins and other unique collectibles. All investments in antique coins and collector’s items are made through the fund.

The investment market

Enthusiasm for investing in historical coins has increased in recent years, with investors in the international stock market looking for more diversified investment portfolios. Spurred by global stock market concerns and uncertainty, investors are looking for more stable investment items with more lucrative value propositions. This has consequently lead to a price increase for these objects, mainly consisting of historical coins.

About the Collectibles Fund:

The Collectibles Fund Segregated Portfolio, managed by Cabaritta Funds SPC, is a closed fund that has operated in the Cayman Islands since 2017. The fund's chief goal revolves around appreciated assets within its collection area and investing primarily in collector’s items and artworks, seeking an annual return of over 10 percent. Currently, it has six different asset classes with separate portfolios based on different types of investments.

About GEM: 

GEM (, founded in 1991, is a USD $3.4 billion alternative investment group that manages a diverse set of investment vehicles within emerging markets across the world. 

Having completed 370 transactions in 70 countries, GEM's investment vehicles provide the group and its investors with a diversified portfolio of asset classes that span the global private investing spectrum. Their funds and investment vehicles provide GEM and its partners with exposure to Small-Mid Cap Management Buyouts, Private Investments in Public Equities (PIPEs) and select venture investments.

GEM's funds include CITIC-GEM Fund (matured in December 2015), Kinderhook Industries (GP and LP non-voting stakes), GEM Global Yield Fund LLC SCS, GEM India and VC Bank/GEM Mena Fund (GEM exited both its GP and LP stakes in these funds in 2015 and 2010). 

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