A market that is always worthwhile

In times when the stock market is in turmoil in the world, interest in “safer” investments is always rising. Numisbing works exclusively with Numismatics that comes from the Greek nomaisma that stands for the doctrine of coins. For natural reasons, the number of historical objects does not increase, so the value of unique coins and collectibles increases over time. The company Numisbing started in the Cayman Islands and built up a number of funds with which with these financial resources the company’s management has been able to take advantage of its knowledge to invest in interesting objects. These objects have since risen in value. Therefore, an investor does not have to be an expert collector, but one can rely on the company’s knowledge in the area. The funds have developed in a very positive way. Today, the company is based in Dubai and represents 75 percent of the market in the Middle East in terms of Numismatics.

Nobel prize medlars 1902 and 1980. The awarded medals were struck from 23k gold prior to 1980 and weighs 200 grams. Post 1980 awarded medals have been made of 18 carat recycled gold and weight 175 grams except for prize in Economic Sciences which weigh 185 grams. Numisbing bought these medals. The highest price realized for an issued Nobel prize medal is USD 2.27 Million, which was sold in Heritage Auctions, US, in 2013.

Stock exchange listing at Stockholm Stock Exchange

The company’s determined plans are as quick a listing as possible on the Stockholm Stock Exchange First North. There are only a few companies in the world that are listed in this industry and then in the North American market. For natural reasons, the expertise of specific coins often follows the regional conditions. In Numisbing’s case there is a wide range of knowledge that also includes India and Europe apart from the Middle East. At present, there are few listed companies that specialize in trading in niche and investing in rare and antique coins or other rare collectibles. The investment interest for such coins has increased in recent years, and stock market investors are looking for more different investment portfolios. Concrete plans are in place for India with its growing middle class and acquisition candidates of companies in Europe. Then capital and strong reputation are needed as a stock exchange listing can provide.

The Market

The first coin collectors were in southern Europe during the Renaissance, ie in the 14th and 15th centuries. It was during this time that one wanted within art to return to the ideals of ancient times. Principals and chieftains, wealthy citizens and bankers began to systematically gather the Roman coins from Roman times. It became obvious for many princes and well-offs to own a coin collection. Many museum collections originate from these. Coin and medal collections can be set up according to different principles, for example, geographical and historical or after metal type. Popular is to collect some motifs, subjects or regents. Other collectors are interested in commemorative coins and medals.

The funds and now shares in the company

Since 2012, the company has built a portfolio of numismatic collectibles as part of the company’s investment and transformed it into the world’s first fund for collectibles in 2017. This fund yielded more than 28 percent in the first year and is still growing. This has been noticed not least by Bloomberg, who believes that it is a fund that is developing very interestingly.
With listing, investors can buy shares to take advantage of the entire company’s rapid growth. As the company opens new geographical markets, the likelihood of rapid growth will be great.

Owner spread and then listing

The company has made an ownership spread and now has over 1,000 shareholders in Sweden. At least 300 of these own shares for at least € 500, which is the requirement from the marketplace to be able to list the company on the stock exchange. “Free float” if at least 10 percent of the company’s share is already ready. With this ownership spread and many news items that will be presented in a short time, the company expects a great deal of interest from the stock market, which should be reflected in the value of the company’s share.

Moderbolaget / Parent company
Numisbing AB (publ)
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Numisbing Ltd.
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Moore Stephens KLN AB
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Ludvig Kollberg, Authorised Public Accountant and Partner

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